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If you have been desperate because you didn't know where to the caps of the newest Formula 1 team, you can relax... We from FansBRANDS got in touch with the manufacturer as they joined Formula 1 and managed that all Alfa Romeo caps appeared first in our shop – and in large amounts.


We don't even have to say anymore that the Alfa Romeo cap has been available in our shop first and we are very proud of this. The idea is that yu have to be fast and recognize the needs of the fans and be ready for their assault. The caps are produced since 2019, so the stock is the first series and you still have where to chose from: baseball cap, flatbrim, for adults, kids or even for winter. Of course we cannot forget the team drivers, too. For Kimi a special cap has been designed but Antonio has several models, too.

So you don't have to become desperate because you are only one click away from the caps of the favourite team. If you order now, you can choose an Alfa Romeo gift, too. And is you fail and it's sold out, you will be probably sorry. Do you think it's worth it? ;-)